A gadget? A home decor? Or a gift?

Many of our followers have asked the same question, what is Levimoon? Some people would think that Levimoon is a beautiful home decor while other people might think that Levimoon is a cool gadget. For us, Levimoon is a passion, a passion for making something that brings happiness to the world.

Back to the time when we started our design on the floating moon lamp, we didn't think too much on what we are making. The only idea in our mind is to create something that will amaze everyone. Picking the moon as our topic is the best choice we have made because the full moon always brings us peace and relaxation.  All the ideas that we have had been combined and created the Levimoon, the most unique product that doesn't belong to one single category.

Levimoon works nicely as a mood light. By changing the color of the light and the desired brightness, Levimoon can fit into every atmosphere that you want. On the other hand, with the true wireless charging and the magnetic levitating system, Levimoon has become one of the coolest gadgets on your desktop. As we worked so hard in restoration the surface of the full moon, Levimoon is one of the most beautiful art pieces to all our moon fans. 

No matter how much description out there about our Levimoon, there is one thing that we want to bring up - Levimoon is a passion that brings happiness to you and your beloved.

"Everything worked as advertised. Looks stunningly gorgeous. My wife and I were smiling from ear to ear for a long time." - Philippe van Nedervelde on kickstarter.com

"A spectacular piece. It was well worth the wait, and my Wife loves it. Thank you so much for the perfect anniversary gift." - Charles Gray on kickstarter.com


There are much more comments that we would like to say thank you too because all the comments that left to us letting us know we are doing something right.

And now what do you think the Levimoon is?


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