A new way of seeing the full moon

Planets are beautiful but mysterious. Watching the video or pictures of the planets might satisfy so of your curiousity, but not ours. Traditional planet home decor is not what we are looking for. This is why we created Levimoon. The innovative presentations of our full moon which will definitely amaze everybody.

By combining the latest technologies, we have created our first product, the Levimoon - a moon light that flies. The moon is 3D printed in details, costing more than 30 hours in printing, the craters, and shadows on the full moon are perfectly presented. Integrated with the latest levitating system, we have finally created the ideal full moon home decor that we want.

The Levimoon is something more than just a home decor but it is also a high technology gadget. With the built-in true wireless charging system, the moon lamp can be charging while floating on the top of the wooden dock. Unlike any traditional wireless charging system,  there is no contact of the moon light and the charging system take place while charging. By integrated the system in Levimoon, we made Levimoon the world's first true wireless charging gadget into an innovative art piece.

Moving on we will work on more innovative ideas in presenting the planets around us. Not limited to the moon, we are also interesting in working on the projects of the Earth, the Jupiter, and the Saturn. We would like to hear more about your ideas about the project so that we can also integrate your innovations.

Send us a line and give us some input in our upcoming projects.


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