Mojoe - The Innovation Goes Further

If you think Levimoon is one of the most unique products that you have seen, you will not want to miss our new project - Mojoe.

Mojoe is our latest project defined as a levitating planets playset. After the success of bringing the Levimoon to the market, we didn't stop our paces on finding a new way to present the other planets. We are so happy to let you know that we have brought in two more planets to the Levimoon family and they will be as beautiful as the Levimoon.

Not only displaying two new planets, but we have also implemented our latest magnetic levitating system into Mojoe to make it different. As we call Mojoe a playset, this means you can actually play with it. Our new levitating system allows you to float the planets with only one hand. We have also re-designed the whole system so there will be only one touch button on the dock to control the on/off and the change of color of the light. This playset also comes with a newly design holder in order to raise the fun of the whole playset.

Mojoe will be a brand new levitating gadget as it creates more communication between you and the playset. It will be the best desktop toy you have ever seen. Mojoe will be on Kickstarter soon, so please subscribe to our newsletter for more information about the launch date of our campaign as we will offer limited early bird deals when the campaign is launched.





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