Our Story

The Birth Of The Levitating Moon Light

Many of our website visitors and happy customers want to know how our beautiful levitating moon light lamp was born. It is a story we love to share, and all started with a sincere love of the moon. In this episode will share the short story of how our moon mood light came to life.

About two years ago a small group of moon-loving friends, began searching for moon home decorations. After browsing both local and online retailers, we were surprised to find that there were very few moon lights to choose from-and the few that we found weren’t particularly realistic. Not just that, but they weren’t modern or beautiful enough to for most homes and offices. Since we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to design our own. In 2015, with the help of 3D printing technology, our first wireless moon light was born! As you can see, one of the things that makes our moon mood light so special, is that it more than just a round white light-but is designed to look like an authentic mini-replica of the moon-craters, crevices, and shading. To further improve the authenticity, we designed our light with two shades of soothing white, both of which can be dimmed or brightened to create the ambiance you desire. Just like the real moon, your light can be white, light yellow, bright or dim!

Our initial design was one that we shared only with our friends and family, but word began to spread and moon lovers around the world soon wanted to know where they could get one. In fact, it wasn’t just moon lovers who wanted one, but individuals looking for unique home decorations. While we were pleased with the response, and happy to make our wireless light available to the masses, we wanted to take our design to the next level-from wireless to levitating.

We soon found that the levitating, portable, and wireless charging aspect of our new design was easier said than done. It took us 6 months just to design a prototype with the weight and balance required to achieve levitation. While we couldn’t have been more excited, we still had a long road ahead.

Once we had our new full moon prototype, we couldn’t wait to share it. However, the new design proved to be costly and time-consuming, so we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help move things along. To our surprise and delight, and with very little advertising-our new design generated over $50k US. This helped us further improve the design, making our moon home lighting even better than the original prototype.

Our Kickstarter campaign helped us to make levitation possible, but it was more complicated to bring our new light to the production line. There were many ups and downs, but we never gave up on our dream of sharing our new light with the world. In the next episode we will walk through the challenges we had to overcome to bring our levitating moon light to reality-and to market.

In the meantime, take a few minutes to look at our moon home decorations. They are considered some of the best gift ideas for anyone who loves modern art, creative lighting, nature, spirituality-and of course the moon!